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Student Testimonial

“I’m a teacher.

I was living in Thailand for 7 years teaching English.

Teaching is a skill.

There’s a method to it. Just because you’re good at lashing, DOESN’T MAKE YOU a good teacher… 

I can see you took time to think about the organization of your teaching, and you saw it from OUR point of view.I’m specific in my compliments. I recognize quality that I would be happy to promote! Sincerely, thank you for your course!!! Even though I’ve been lashing a couple years, I don’t actually know THIS method. There’s always more to learn. But I’m apprehensive about who I will choose to learn from. I’m glad I made good choices! Thank you for this course!

I appreciate the level of professionalism you have in your videos. They’re well recorded and lit. You’re articulate, clear, no word whispers, you joke only JUST ENOUGH to make you personable, but STILL allow us to smile and take you seriously and not feel like we wasted our money on hearing you be silly.


I specifically mention repetitive…

Because early on I bought a course from a big brand name online and I wanted to shout to the world DON’T BUY IT!! It was insanely repetitive I thought I was going crazy. “Didn’t I just hear this clip??””


"Okaaaaayyyy sir….

You’ve got me saying “holy crap” to myself as these fans literally MAKE THEMSELVES!!!

What is the sorcery!!! …. Jeez! This is only day ONE!"